From private tours to small-group itineraries to off-site company meetings, Direct Accommodations can help plan, deliver and support a seamless and memorable travel experience. We are experts in sports group travel, family reunions, and alumni gatherings. For off-site company meetings, we will work with your event planners to secure the best location, accommodations, and meeting space for your events.

Whether you are interested in family, multigenerational, luxury, or adventure travel, Direct Accommodations will collaborate with you to determine the perfect vibe and mood that you are looking for, and send you off on a journey perfectly tailored and personalized to your unique interests and desires. We also

We take pride in making vacation planning as easy and valuable as possible. Our Leisure Travel Specialists bring a wealth of first-hand knowledge, insider access to deals, and opportunities not available to the general public. We look forward to creating your dream vacation.