Government Travel

Direct Accommodations has the experience necessary to effectively implement a travel management program that supports the unique travel requirements of government employees and contractors.

We work with embassies and consulates throughout the world to ensure that your government travel plans are up to date, protected, and permitted throughout your trip. By partnering with embassies and their staff, we can help to inform them of your arrival, your business, and the type of services and accommodations that you may require, so that you can put your energy towards your trip.

We have extensive experience setting up short-term and long-term rentals of furnished apartments and condos worldwide. We work with disaster recovery teams worldwide to ensure people affected by disasters are placed in a warm safe place while they begin to rebuild their lives. We also house disaster recovery teams while they work in areas devastated by disasters.

Our agents at Direct Accommodations understands GSA government per diems, and we are experts at negotiating with our vendors to ensure that the government per diem for lodging is met for each of our government clients. Direct Accommodations is also registered as an approved preferred government contractor through SAMS and is certified as an WOSB and HubZone Organization.